Subsidies Enforcement Library

The Department of Commerce's Enforcement and Compliance (formerly Import Administration) is responsible for coordinating multilateral subsidies enforcement efforts. The primary mission is to assist the private sector by monitoring foreign subsidies and identifying subsidies that can be remedied under the Subsidies Agreement of the World Trade Organization of which the United States is a member. To fulfill this mission, Enforcement and Compliance has created the Subsidies Enforcement Office (SEO). The goal is to create an easily accessible one-stop shop that provides user-friendly information on foreign government subsidy practices.

The electronic library comprises two sections, prior to 2007 and since 2007:
Published Since 2007
Published Prior to 2007

FR Publications Filed in the Past 90 Days
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Passenger and Light Vehicle Truck (PVLT) Tires from Vietnam PRELIM
Country: Viet Nam
FR Cite: FR 85 71607-71610, 11/10/20
Segment: INV - Investigation
Document Type: FR Preliminary

Forged Steel Fittings from India FINAL
Country: India
FR Cite: 85 FR 66535-66537, 10/20/20
Segment: INV - Investigation
Document Type: FR Final

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